Tuesday, March 17, 2009

26 & 6

It's St. Pats again. A good number of my friends back home are going to dogtown to the parade. I'm a bit jealous. It's always a good time.
If you're celebrating today I hope you're drinking to those who tried during the Easter Rising or at least raise a glass to the 26 & 6.

Friday training was good.

medicine ball throw and chase (12 lb ball, across the parking lot and back)
tire tosses (discus style, 5/side)
push prowler (+180 50 ft)
rope pull (prowler + 180, 50 ft)
kb snatch (#44, 20/20)
suspended push-ups (20)
pull-ups (10)
rest: work
around 1.5-2:1

Jitz and sparring. I forget the technique of the day. Sparred 3x: one light roll with michelle, one hard roll with Shawn who has been training BJJ pretty enthusiasticly, and is going to be good, and one other.. I forget who.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day at home.

My elbow is still bugging me. It was getting better, but I whacked it on the towel rack monday morning. So pissed. Hopefully next week it'll be good enough to hit the gym.
Otherwise I am feeling good.


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