Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Monday night at jiu-jitsu was memorable to say the least. I had this ominous feeling that something bad was going to happen. We were working guillotine choke escapes, and right off the bat my partner not realizing that because of both of our body types (read I have a short neck, and not a lot of space) things got very neck cranky in very short order. I let him know about it and things progressed from there. I got all the way to sparring when my first opponent/partner started working a choke. I knew it was tight, but I thought I'll try this last effort to escape and then I guess I'll tap. I went to hit the counter to the choke. He countered the counter. Oh well, I turned back towards him to tap.. I don't know why I didn't just tap the mat, but what can I say I was being choked. I reached out to tap his leg just as he moved it.. I missed. From there I got this feeling of falling into a pool of black water. Warm, comfortable, very peaceful. Very much what being in the womb must be like. All of the sudden the blackness went away. It was as if the outside world was a television that had been turned off, then turned back on again. I look up at all of the faces standing over me, and I just laugh. I got choked out. I have been knocked out several times.. probably more than is good for me. Choked out is far more pleasent. There are none of the nasty after effects.

Last night I had to get things done quickly in the gym as I am helping a local rugby club with their set pieces.
5 at 315
5 at 365
3 at 405
2 at 425
1 at 425
1 at 405
3 at 365
5 at 315 x2

1a kneeling cable rows:
4x5/5 at 130

strict form:
6,5,5,4 at bw

then lots of scrummaging and line-out lifting.
It was fun to get back out to a rugby field and do what I did for over a decade.


Code name: 1% said...

Auuuuugh! In case your mom doesn't read your blog, I will fill in: Don't do that!

J. B. said...

She doesn't.. that's good advice.