Monday, December 29, 2008

Tossing out the wrapping paper, taking down the tree.

Christmas is over. It was a great one. We had snow. I got lots of cool stuff, and the people I got stuff for seemed truly stoked about it.
The haul:
The Essentials of Strength training

Science and practice of strength Training

On food and Cooking: science and lore of the kitchen.

The Professional Chef

Couple more that I don't remember off the top of my head but these were the big ones. All sizable hard back tomes.

I picked up a couple of kitchen implements.
It was also a very cardinals Christmas:
My baby brother got me a new Redbirds hat (looks like this one, only without the "oversized word mark" on the back) He also got me tickets to a cards game when I'm in the river city this summer.
And the wife got me a money clip with the Cardinals "STL" logo on it. Similar to this one, but in different metals.

I took Thursday off from the gym. I ate and relaxed with my in-laws.
Friday I got to go to day class which ended up being an open mat. Then went to the gym and got a lift in:
10,8,8,8 at purple band

close grip bench at 185 (thumbs on the smooth)
C.S. rows:
3 plates
all x4
No real rest, just enough time to move back and forth and get set up.

2 chins
5 dips
all at bw

called it from there.
Saturday went to class, and did some basic movement stuff. Got to roll with the professor. He had me on the run for most of the roll, but I had a few moments. Was told after "I don't have much feedback to give. You didn't do anything wrong. Just need to be tighter and more clean." I felt pretty jazzed after that. We talked about a couple things that I've been working on and generally about where my head is at in training. I was totally stoked leaving class.

Saturday afternoon was all about the prowler:
loaded it up with 140 lbs. Sprint the length of the boathouse with hands on the high handles, then walk down and back.
repeat for 40 minutes.

Saturday night went over and watched the UFC. :SPOILER::::::::
Total suck. If you want to know who I was rooting for, just look at who won.. it wasn't him.. it was the other guy.
Mir beat Nog. it's not that I dislike Mir, he just gets too much credit by people who don't know jitz, and Nog is one of the all time great dudes in sport. This does set up a rematch between Mir and Brock Lesner. I really like Brock, and am interested to see that rematch.
Rashad Evans, who I cannot stand, beat Forrest, who I like because he's funny and busts his butt.
Wanderlei got knocked out stone cold. Rampage is a good interview, but I like Wanderlei better. This pretty much means his career is over.
The whole thing was just a major bummer.

Yesterday was mostly just housework and studying for my ccna.

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