Friday, November 7, 2008


About a hundred and fifty years ago, when I was a college student and a fairly unaware one at that, I was reading a copy of Spin magazine in some airport on my way to somewhere unimportant to this story. The article had an interview with Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson who is a red-head, Scottish, and as Travis Tritt so eloquently put it "just a little on the trashy side." She caught my attention to say the lest.. her music I could take or leave.
I was astounded when reading the article that Ms. Manson did not think highly of Tighty-whitey underwear! In fact she loathed them. It had never occurred to me that underwear would have any function other than to keep my zipper from chafing my bits. My unders to that point were.. well the same crappy, holey, white cotton 'Y-fronts' that I'd been wearing since puberty. After reading that interview I felt like a complete rube. I couldn't have felt more childish and unsophisticated if I'd been wearing a diaper.
I was broke as could be, but I quietly went out and got some boxers and boxer briefs. I snuck round back and tossed in the dumpster all but a handful of my least raggedy briefs for use during rugby practice.
I felt a lot better when over the next week or so, I noticed a lot of guys in my dorm sneaking out to the dumpster with a lot of their own white cotton.
Ah, The power of a pretty girl.

Last night's workout:
5 burpees
50 ft rope pull at 115 lbs
kb snatch 10/10 at 44
50 ft rope pull
5 rounds


Code name: 1% said...

Pfffft. Tighty-whities are just fine. She just never saw a pair on someone who could do them justice. (Still, I prefer boxer briefs.)

Ladies do the same thing, otherwise there wouldn't be so many proclaiming how REALLY comfortable it is to have a thong perma-wedgie. My suspicion, anyway.

Code name: 1% said...

Crud, hit "publish" too soon. I also hear you might be coming out for a visit. YAAAAAAAAYYYY!

J. B. said...

Yeah, I was young and easily influenced.. now.. well I'm older at least.

I am. Don't really know when. Depends on couple of work related factors.