Thursday, November 20, 2008

A couple that benches together..

The wife has taken on the challenge to get her bench up over her body weight. A noble goal. She has been benching twice a week using a max effort day on Saturdays, and a speed day on Wednesdays and spending a lot of time working on technique.
Since I am off the mat this week, I split from a full body split to an upper/lower split for this week.
So we benched together last night. Her technique is coming around and her strength is there, we just need to get her faster, and it'll all come around.
This explains the crazy bench volume.

My work:
worked up to
9 x 3 at 185 working on moving the bar as quickly as possible.
0 x 0 at "it's all you! It's all you!"

Pull-ups (neutral grip, dead hang)
7, 6, 4, 4, 4

1 a db rows:
4x 4/4 at 100

energy systems work:
10 minutes of 10 strokes on 10 off, 20 on 20 off on the ergometer stroke rate under 28.
2500 meters total.

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