Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whole lotta tired.

Monday was a long day at jiu-jitsu. I had a private session before class, worked on controlling half guard from the bottom, then rolled with the professor for about 20 minutes. He is on a whole different stratosphere. He has complete control without being in a dominant position. He baits you into creating space, or giving up your base with little openings.. or at least what LOOK like openings. I learned a lot about patience from that roll.
From there was normal class. Worked on escaping mount and some technical aspects of the point system for the guys who are competing in the tournament coming up. I had a full match with one of the guys who is competing. I took him lightly on the feet, and of course he took me down and passed. I spent several minutes undoing the damage done there. Swept, passed, mounted and cinched up an Americana but with no time left, I got sloppy and didn't get the sub. Lost by two points.
Three points in the match where I could have changed the outcome:
1) on the feet. Should have been more aggressive from the get go.
2) Once he got the take down, I should have controlled his sleeve, and kept him from passing
3) Should have been cleaner on the Americana, kept my elbow at his ear, and cinched it up. Alternately, I should have switched to an arm-bar once I knew that that Americana was going to be sloppy.
Live an learn. After that I was toast, called it a night.

Last night in the gym: SI joint on the right side has been bothering me again, so I decided to keep it simple on the lower body work.
worked up to 2 singles at 455
1 @ 405

Chins (various grips):
4x3 at bw + 35
5 at bw

Bench (speed w MM band):
6x2 at 185

Bent rows (curl bar):
5x5 @ 165
I like the curl bar because the angled grip allows you get a greater range of motion, even if it is sort of bodybuildery.

Curls (for the girls):
I don't want to hear it.
worked up to 5 at 80
(NOT done in the squat rack)

Interval work:
Ergometer (rowing machine)
8x30 sec on 1 min off
Slowest split: 1:36
Fastest split: 1.31
These are kind of sorry for this short of interval.. but I've gotta start somewhere.
Still feeling kind of beat up and sore today. I think I'm just going to do some restoration work, and go to jiu-jitsu class tonight.

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