Monday, October 13, 2008

Chili Mac Supreme..

When I was in high school one of the more popular places to get some food was Steak-n-shake mostly because they were open 24 hours, and the food was pretty good. On their menu you can get chili, chili mac, or if you were feeling really good about your self you got the Chili mac supreme which was chili, noodles, onions and cheese. Inspired by this taste treat from my youth the friday workout was

clean and jerk supreme:
at least 20 reps each station, move stations when the slowest person gets to 20.
Seated clean and jerk @ 35 lb dumbbells
Barbell clean and jerk @ 95
Kb clean and jerk @ 44
sand bag clean and jerk @ 80

Saturday: worked on some movement stuff to escape guard passes. Then open mat. I was feeling really good on Saturday. Movement was good and controlled, and I am getting better at finishing submissions which is a real weakness for me right now.

Later that day gym time:
Speed pulls 10 singles @ 315 + light bands.
Forced me to stay tight the whole time, and really pull more explosively.
Did some core stuff and a lot of foam rolling.

Sunday was the father-in-law's birthday brunch.. I ate too much, and it was good.

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