Monday, September 1, 2008

You don't think I'm funny anymore..

Man, woman or child.. I have been busy.
I'll try to catch you up.

We went out to a local park to see Willie Nelson. Marymoor is a cool venue, the crowd was diverse and interesting. The opening band was remarkably forgettable. He was a young man from Bellingham, Wa, but for some reason he felt the need to affect a southern accent.. badly. He played fair music, over sang like crazy, and did the 'potty dance' the whole time he was on stage. Willie was fantastic. His band was super tight and allowed Willie to move in and out like a trick rider on a throughbred. He played all of his hits, and a couple new songs. I was surprised at the chops the old guy had on the guitar.
The crowd was diverse, and incredibly white. I was glad to see more than a couple of true cowboys from eastern washington, and more than a few hippies (both young and old). I was exceedingly unimpressed with all of the yuppies playing dress-up. Yes, he does play cowboy songs, but that doesn't mean you should run to Target to get one of those crappy psudo-cowboy hats with the wire rim. Yes, he is known fore wearing red bandannas.. no you should not do likewise. The other remarkable thing about the crowd was the overwhelming cloud of oppressive canibus smoke that was NOT hanging over the ampitheatre. There were a few folks partaking, particularly a 50+ year old guy with a flat-top and a handle bar mostache who was very obviously there with his grown kids. But I had heard tales of dense clouds of smoke, and it just wasn't the case at this show.
The other folks that stood out were the obvously well heeled middle-aged couple who were sitting in front of us. They were getting crocked on $10 beers, and generally keeping to themselves. That is until the guy kept yelling "Georgia!" in full on frat dude voice during Georgia on my mind, for no apparent reason. His female compainion got up to dance to a song later in the concert, got juuust to vertical and toppled over like a tree being felled. She was too drunk to even react. She just flopped over. I almost pulled something laughing.
So loads of fun was had, and getting home wasn't nearly as bad as I'd feared.

Was a little bleary-eyed at work from being up all night, but got through work without too much strife.
The workout was this:
worked up to 20 @ 225
Cement bouy anchor carrys: 10
cement bouy anchor throws for distance: 6
Done and done.

Had a couple good rolls at class. I got kicked in the beak.. hard. It's all puffy and blue even today.
Went to the gym later did 10x a minute on a minute off on the hand bike and the erg, then some ab/core work.
The wife and I hung out at home. I made my first run at making paella. It was 'OK.' I learned a couple of things. Next time will be good.

The wife went to her step-sister's baby shower. I stayed at home. I wasn't feeling great. We went to see Tropic Thunder. It was juvanile, silly, stupid and VERY funny.
Not for kids or the faint of heart. The script is good, the acting is great, but Ben Stiller as a director has all the subtilty of a 9 lb hammer.

I have been sick as a dog all day. I feel aweful. All I have eaten is a bowl of oatmeal and some green tea. I'm dizzy, sweaty and cold. I hate feeling like this. I think.. I hope I'm on the mend.

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