Friday, August 22, 2008

Who wants to see me hit some dingers!

Company softball game tonight. Should be fun.

6x1 @ 425

4,4,3,3 @ bw+25

worked up to 3 @ 225

Face pulls:
15 @ 40
6 @ 80
6 @ 100
15 @ 40

1 @ prawny goodness.


ces said...

How'd it go?

I'm terrible at softball and baseball. I can hit moving bodies with my shoulder pretty well, but hitting a moving ball?
...with a round bat?
No way. I used to strike out playing T-ball. I'm awful.

There's no way I could play on my company team. They'd fire me for embarrassing them so badly on the field. =)

J. B. said...

It went ok.
I got on a few times, hit one RBI and scored a run, in 4 games 5 innings long. My fielding was so-so. made one error and 1-2 good plays.

It's not a company team, it was a company tournement. So only playing against co-workers.