Monday, July 21, 2008

Why so serious?

What a week! Sheesh. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.
Monday morning, I am headed to Cisco bootcamp, and my right rear tire is flat. Crap.
I had to open up the owner’s manual to figure out how to extricate the spare, but I got it jacked up and all the lugs off, and started to position the spare when I hear a creak and the truck starts to shift. I bail out just as the truck shifts and falls off the jack.. suck.. double suck actually. I pull the jack out and get things sorted back out. I put the tire on and it’s ugly, but it’s on. I start to crank the jack back down, and it won’t go. I look and the damn thing is cocked and impinged and won’t go down. The tire is on and the jack is barely holding the truck up. I decide f*ck it. I hop in and back the truck up 6”. It comes off the jack just fine, and the jack un-jams itself. Life is good.. or not. I start to drive away and the wheel is making a god aweful noise. Something is rubbing. I look around inside the wheel well, nothing there. The tire isn’t exactly on perfect, but nothing should be rubbing. It has to be the break drum is off kilter. Nothing I can fix. I punt. Call the wife and fortunately she can drive me to my training. Two days and $925 bucks later, I had new tires, breaks, lube oil and filter, and the truck runs great. Considering it’s a 2002 with 80k miles on it, I probably should have gotten new tires and breaks a while ago.
So needless to say, this totally screwed up my training plan last week. I made a point to draw up a 4 week program, and well it’s not worth the paper it isn’t printed on. I went to BJJ on Monday/tues/Wednesday. Worked with a new training client on Thursday, and then went to the gym and just did some pull-ups, rows, and glute-hams. Friday was fun:
1 minute intervals:
TRX pikes,
Kb snatch to OH lunge
Suspended plank for time
And Gi pull-ups and hold for time.
My best suspended plank:
Best pull-up and hold

Saturday was class and open mat.
Then went to the gym with paul. He wanted to work on his box squat, and I wanted a spotter to do some heavy kneeling squats.
Kneeling squats:
Worked up to a double at 455. I had more in the tank here, but I hit the J-hooks twice and nearly had to dump the weight.That made me nervous.
Backed off to 405 and did 2x4.
1A db row:
4x6 @ 100
Pallof presses: (great exercise, love these)
8/8 @ 80
2x 8/8 @ 100

4xAMAP @ bw.

Went to red robin for a friend’s birthday, worlds colliding, but fun stuff. Everyone came back to our place for cake and ice cream.

Sunday we went to the best movie theatre in Seattle to see Dark Knight. That movie is fantastic. There was a time when I thought that no one would be able to do the joker after Nicolson. Heath Ledger blows that performance out of the water. I’m not a sentimental type. I am not saying this because the young man died. He made the joker maniacal, sociopathic and frighteningly real. Nicolson was creepy, but too cartoonish. You never really believed that he could exist. The Dark Knight version was all too real. There was no dip in caustic chemicals to alter his appearance, just a man of twisted reality, no morality, and the will to do horrible things for simply no reason at all. The movie is great.

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