Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For Boston..

Went out to supper with some of the wife’s friends from Boston. Nice folks, they’re at the tail end of an epic Griswold style vacation. Their two boys (4 and 9) were going crazy. They used me as a jungle gym.
The husband Paul and I talked sports and work. All in all a fun evening.
Before we met up with them for supper I moved some iron.
Bent rows:
4x4 @ 185
Speed bench:
6x2 @ 185 (haven’t been benching much, just trying to get my groove)
Chins (various grips):
4x AMAP @ bw
Afternoon workout:
Pull throughs:
4x8 just to warm-up
Mobility drills, and activation.
10x1 @ 405
These felt pretty good. The volume was pretty intense, I think I’m ready to move up.

In honor of our friends from Boston, the Dropkicks (they were better when Mike Mc. was still fronting them, but they’re still great)

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