Monday, April 14, 2008

"You think it'd be fun living in a house full of crazy people, but it's really not."

-Bart Simpson.

Playin catch-up.
Variation on a Dan John favorite:
10xfront squat @ 135+chains
sled drag across the parking lot. (tire+90lbs)
full rest, 4 total reps.
Brutal. Total oxygen debt, legs screaming, my last set of squats were a sheer act of will.
Good times.

BJJ-I'm BAAAAAAAACK. Triangles, and open mat. Really improved my triangles and triangle defense on saturday. Need to work more on initiating the triangle more cleanly. It's better, but not good.
Open mat: My rib still is kind of painful, and the flu killed my shape. So I kept it easy, and took a few breaks here and there. Rolled with B first go round of open mat. He's always been good, but something changed after Pan-Ams. Now he's aggressive, and he's better by an order of magnitude. He had me on the ropes the whole time. Tapped me with a kimora from guard and something else.. choke I forget which one. Good for him, and me. Raised the bar and all that. Now I have to raise it again.
Did some No-gi with Paul. Good roll, it's hard to tell how you're doing when you roll with him because he holds back. Lets you get into positions so he can work out of them. Afterwards he said "You've gotten a lot better." That means a lot. I am glad to be back.

Saturday afternoon:
Unilateral work/Rep method.
Step ups: 24" box 3x6/6 @ 95 (legs were still sore from friday)
Chest supported rows: 3x8@115
incline bench: 3x8 @135
Chins:3x5@ bw
curl to OHP (slow neg) right arm only:
AMAP@ 25, 30, 35

Sunny on saturday, had lunch with the wife outside. I love Seattle in the summer time. You've gotta come check it out.

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