Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yesterday's workout:
speed squats:
6x3@185 of 13" box
Just getting back into the groove with these. The weights will come up.

hang snatch:
1@135 and OWWWW.
I let the weight get out in front of me and bad things happened to my right (already surgically repaired shoulder). It's pretty damn sore this morning, but I think it's just 'hurt' and not injured.

Super set glute-hams/chins
10@MM band/8@bw neutral grip

bent rows:
15@MM band
bent rows:

no rest.
Called it a day from here.
Spent the next 2 hours freezing my royal Rastafarian nay-nays off teaching a rowing class.
Damn it was cold out there.


Jesse said...

Bummer JB. I *hate* shoulder injuries almost as much as I hate ticks.

I used to be plagued by them back in the rock climbing days.

Looks like you've got some good depth on the box squats with the 12" and 13" box in rotation.

Kudos on working hard and making substantial progress with the hip mobility. I know from experience how tough it is to improve at...ahem...this age.

J. B. said...

Thanks man,
It is to for sucks as Henry Rollins once said.
I am hoping I broke some scar tissue loose, rather than broke something else loose. I don't know that I have another surgery in me at this point.

Yeah things are coming along, it ain't ever easy, but that makes it all the better when it gets done.

ces said...

Do you have a good place to dump the bar, with some good bumper plates?

I get really nervous about pushing my limits in the snatch. I'm not good enough to be comfortable yet, and I have no place to dump the bar should I need to.
I can easily see myself getting into a position trying to "save" a bad lift and instead totally destroying something.

J. B. said...

The gym I train at has bumper plates, and good lifting platforms. So it was simply pride messing with me. If it'd been a little further in front of me I'd have dumped it, a little further behind me it wouldn't have hurt.

That is a major problem with training at a small place that doesn't have bumper plates, but sometimes you have to just dump it. (easy for me to say)