Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Training.. the plan.

For the next bit, I'm looking at a training schedule like so:
Monday: BJJ
Tuesday: weights
Wednesday: BJJ
Thursday: weights
Friday: Friday fun.
morning:BJJ/open mat
afternoon: weights.
Sunday: off.

I am changing my lifting plan, and am going to go to 3 full body workouts. The section listed first will be the focus of the workout getting 5-10 sets, the second section will be the next priority, and may be done in a superset, 3-5 sets per exercise, and the accessory lifts will be super-setted for 2-3 sets.

Tuesday: Dynamic effort Lower (Squat variations), Olympic lifts upper (1 of the following: snatch, clean, clean and jerk),
Accessory lifts: glute-hams or pull throughs, rows or face pulls, and push-up variation.

Thursday: Max effort Lower (deadlift variations), Repetition upper (horizontal pull, horizontal push, vertical pull, vertical push),
Accessory lifts: glute-hams or pull throughs, face pulls, ab work.

Saturday: Max effort upper (Vertical pull, horizontal push, horizontal pull), Unilateral Lower (1-2 of the following:BSS, lunges, step-ups, one-leg squats),
Accessory lifts: abs.

If time becomes a factor, then the accessory lifts will be done in a separate session.
Obviously this is open to tweaking, or scrapping all together should it fail miserably.
I'll start this next week.

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