Thursday, April 3, 2008

Light workout, heavy eating.

The past few days post-Pan Am I have allotted myself a few of the "treats" that I had been denying for the months I've been cutting weight, latte here, PB&J there. I find that I do better in full on denial for several weeks (8-12), then a week of "cheats" here and there, then back on lock down. Others work differently and can cheat once a week or so.. I find that routine helps me stay on track during my "on" time. Different strokes. Last night I had some nachos and later ice cream while watching the UFC. It was fantastic. 2 more cheats then back on lock-down (fish-n-chips this weekend, then my belated birthday dinner with the in-laws.. sometime)

Did some heavy lifting, but low volume last night:
OHS 20+@ bar. (Took me this many to hit full depth without anything under my heels. I am going to get my hips opened up if I have to use the tire-jack from my pick-up to do it)
worked up to 1@135 hang snatch.

1+@+45 (didn't quite make the second rep)

chest supported rows:

Glute hams:
20@MM band

Then headed home.

I noticed this morning that my right (surgically repaired) delt and bicep are visibly smaller than my left. I have been doing some work to try to bring them up (I always start 1 arm work with my right, I only allow my left to do the number of reps completed by my right, ect) but it seems this is not enough, I am going to try some addn'l volume (as part of my warm-up) to bring the right side along.


Code name: 1% said...

How low do you get on the OHS, and how low is "all the way"?

I like them but I'm nervous to add any weight because I've yet to put anything above my head. Also, it's a lot more form to think about than in reg-lur squats, what with your upper back all involved.

J. B. Zero said...

For me that is "below parallel" or crease of the hip below top of the knee. Ideally all the way is when your hamstrings hit your calves (I'm not there yet)

It actually is less technical. Front and back squats, you have to monitor your technique yourself. OHS if your technique is off, your body won't let you squat to full depth, or you'll fall over. The big things with OHS are try to pull the bar apart, and keep the bar over your center of gravity (behind your head).