Sunday, April 27, 2008

Johhny Gearhead..

I have always been conscious of not outfitting myself in stuff until I felt that I had been accepted, until I was a part of the team, club or crew that I was competing with. I feel that you should understand your place in the group, before you represent them to the outside world. I feel that you earn that. When I was in college, I refused to buy a tournament t-shirt unless we won the tournament. When I first started rowing, I refused to buy any club gear until I'd medaled in my first race. With jiu-jitsu it's less cut and dried. My initial thought was that until I'd earned my blue belt I wouldn't really have earned enough credibility to wear school "gear" off the mat. After Pan-ams I really felt like part of the crew, like I'd found my place. I bought a t-shirt. It doesn't seem like much, but to me it's a big deal. I don't wear these things lightly. Last week I slapped a Gracie Barra sticker on my truck. This is my school, my friends, statements I don't make lightly.

BJJ: worked on the arm bar. We learned two ways to break a defense. Then open mat. I've been pulling guard a lot lately. My guard game is getting better (still far weaker than my top game) but I'm getting more comfortable.

Afternoon training:
Bulgarian Split squats:
4x5/5 @ 95 (kept these light, posterior chain is pretty sore)


worked up to a single @ 225

1a db rows:
4x 5/5 @ 85
Called it a day from there.

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