Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to blog..

This blog is officially 1 year old. It's gone through some changes, as have I. We've undertaken some challenges, and generally worked to be a better read, and a better person respectively.
In the past year I have:
Stopped messing around, and got my diet cleaned up.
Gotten rid of people around me who would rather make excuses than train hard.
Increased my power lifts by 23%.
dropped 6 seconds off my best 500m time.
Tripled the number of pull-ups I can do.
All at a bodyweight 5 lbs lighter than before.
I have made friends and gotten back to writing almost daily.
Both of which have been significant boons to my outlook on life.
I thought that putting myself out on the internet would be a painful exercise. I was ready to get shouted down, but it's been great. Thank you, gentle reader for making it thus.
Happy Birthday blog!


ces said...

Well done.

There's another anniversary coming up soon. Any special challenges planned?

J. B. Zero said...

Nothing this close to Pan-ams.. I guess you could say Pan-ams is my big birfday challenge this year.