Monday, December 17, 2007

Breaths held in the Cardinal Nation.

It's kind of a tough time to be a Redbird fan. This ballclub has had some pretty amazing ups, with a few pretty significant downs in the last 8 seasons. This successful era began with the arrival of two players: Jimmy Baseball and a blue-collar third baseman from nearby Jasper, Indiana. Well, it seems that this era is over. Rolen is asking for a trade (hasn't happened yet), and Jim "Hollywood" Edmonds has been traded to the Padres for an A-ball third baseman. I understand that baseball teams ebb and flow. It's the nature of the game after free agency, but this is pretty brutal. Last year the Birds were hide your eyes bad at times, and finished well below .500. Looks like they're going to be even worse this year. Even if that's not the case, even if they continue to have success, it won't be the same without Edmonds in center. Thanks Jim.

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