Wednesday, November 7, 2007

what are your goals?

So, what are your goals?
5 year?
1 year?
6 month?
3 month?
4 weeks?

Quid pro quo:
5+y: get a purple belt in BJJ, place in a (local) power lifting competition, buy a house with a home gym, have a child, and be a good father/husband, play the banjo publicly.

1y: Get a blue belt in BJJ (1-2 year goal). compete in a the local fall classic powerlifting competition, bench 300+, squat 400+, dead 550+ (all raw)

6m: bench 275lbs, box squat 375, deadlift 500, work on my open guard, submit at least 1 person per class (average).

3m: lift 3-4x per week, 3 bjj classes per week, get my squat up to 350, make a 450 deadlift comfortable (I can do it, but only on a good day) bike to work. Maybe buy a scooter (vespa). Work on hip flexibility 2-4x/week with dynamic stretching and foam roller. Drop below15% body fat. Start banjo lessons, read 3-4 books

4w: new job with a short commute. keep people at current job as happy as possible, and not go crazy myself. Spend more time during sparring in my guard, get to know more people at BJJ, get my first stripe. Work on improving my squat technique out of the hole. Add 2-3 kettlebell workouts a week to get my cardio/lactic acid threshold up. Get a birthday present for my brother, get a good Christmas gift for the wife. Finish the book I’m reading and start “deep survival”

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