Monday, November 5, 2007

In which king crab comes back in season, and I am a little crabby.

Friday, my old rowing pair partner and I were supposed to do some kettlebell work. He had to work late so I did swings with the 44:
1 minute rest.
down to 10/10
It was quick and dirty.
Friday night we got some take out sushi from Sam's
And watched "blood diamond" good story, crap movie. Leo DiCaprio can't do a Southern African accent to save his life. It drove me nuts the whole movie.
That aside it's a great story, and the first venue for most Americans to hear of the problem of Conflict Diamonds.
As such it's worth seeing, but keep expectations low.

Saturday, I had a pretty good Bjj class. Learned a few helpful things, and am really starting to feel comfortable there. It takes a while to get immersed in a group like that. So many people come and go, you have to earn respect.
After class D, a purple belt who spends a lot of time working with us noobs, had asked me to show him some kettlebell stuff. So I brought in the 35 and showed him some stuff (renegade rows, swings, burpies with a swing, cleans, clean and press, clean and jerk, snatch, and finished off with some TGUs).
It's interesting that a guy with so much control on the mat, really has some postural issues when he's standing up. I think I can help him out. Either way I showed him some stuff, and am going to do some Friday evening workouts at the school for a few folks. It's nice to be able to give back to people who have taken the time and shown the patience to teach me so much.
Saturday night was yet another birthday party for my Father-in-law. It was very nice. It was at Daniel's Broiler. Very swank. I was dressed to the 9s in a tweed jacket, fred perry sweater, and tie. The wife was fetching in a grey knit dress. I got to talk to a few folks I haven't seen in a while. Particularly the coach of the Men's rowing team from when I was their captain. It was good to see him, and to show that the issues we'd had were so much water under the bridge.
Sunday was a good ole fashioned day of sloth.
I made breakfast of eggs scrambled with crimini mushrooms, roasted peppers, and fontina cheese.
The wife had loads of school work to do, so I went to the store, and since Saturday dinner out was on the F.I.L. I splurged on some king crab legs and artichokes, and steamed them both for dinner.
It was quite a weekend.
I hope yours was as grand.


ces said...

Burpees w/ a Swing?
Sounds vicious. Tell me more.

J. B. Zero said...

couldn't be simpler:
start on your feet with the bell a couple feet in front of you. Squat down, hop out, push-up, hop up, and on your way up grab the bell and do a full two-handed swing. On the down-swing set down the bell, and go right into the burpie again. Key point is controlling your bodyweight. If you end up with the bell under your body, you will either impale your self on the burpie, or rack your self on the swing. If you end up with the bell too far away you'll end up having to stand up walk to it, then squat back down and swing.
It's brutal.