Thursday, August 9, 2007

Take it outside!

I invited some friends for a little workout yesterday. We grabbed some Kbs, some tires and went to the park.
3x20 swings each hand
100m up hill sled drag
100m farmer's walk with sandbags.

I liked the combination of the swings with the sled drag. The sandbags finally gave up the ghost at the end, so I'll have to figure out some other method of torture.. um exercise for the final 1/3.

then we each did 3 sets of 3 each side TGUs. Just to introduce the exercise and have a little fun.
All in all, I'm feelin' pretty good.

1 comment:

Royce said...

DUDE!! I love the Henry Miller quote in there. Personally though kettlebells have made ME give up the ghost once or twice.....