Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just call her "Big wheels.."

Last night before the anniversary dinner, the wife and I went to lift. I did ME bench. The wife did.. basically the same (she does a lot more reps, and a lower volume of sets) We both warm up, and She does a couple sets. She hasn't done Barbell flat bench for a while, so she's starting kind of slow. The most weight she's ever benched 95lbs is loaded up, she asks me for a spot and cranks out an easy 10 reps. She gives me a look like 'WTF?' I tell her, "lets slap a set of wheels on there and see how it goes." She drops down and does a pretty comfortable double. That's a whopping 129% of her previous PR.. for a DOUBLE. She does another double. We slap a couple of 5's on each side, and she gives it a whirl, but she's not sold on the idea, and her head gives out before her body. I think with a solid warm up she's got at least 145.
I'm very proud.

My workout:
warm-up/scap retraction work

ME bench (heavy bands):

bodyweight+15 5x2

One arm db OHP:

bent rows:

We went out to dinner at our fave sushi place. We ended up running into some friends, so it wasn't quite the romantic evening, but we had fun. We got some anniversary cupcakes. We got our picture taken feeding each other minis.. again (we're 2 for 2!)
Watched Big Love, and went to bed.


Laser Rocket Arm said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to visiting your fair city and I do have a question for you--is it feasible to park at Pike Place Market and walk to Qwest Field from there? Yahoo Maps claims it to be about 1.2 miles between the two spots and we were considering having breakfast at the Market then strolling down (yay cardio). We're staying in Renton so we have to drive up anyway since we'll be leaving for Vancouver from the game. Day pass gym ideas would be good too. Thanks!

J. B. Zero said...

It depends. It is about 1.2-1.5 miles. The way back from Qwest is up hill.. a big hill. However the parking is much cheaper at the market. So unless you're adverse to walking I'd go for it. My favorite breakfast place in the market is closed on sundays, but you can go to
which is a good spot with great views upstairs. Also Piroshki Piroshki is great (but very carb tastic)

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Ha--we were looking at Lowell's so glad to see a recommendation. And we like hills, gets the heart rate up!