Monday, August 27, 2007

SSST, aka How to start off your weekend.

Last week CES dropped the SSST in my lap. I did it on Friday afternoon. He rolled through it thinking in terms of sets*reps/time. He was very pragmatic, and scientific about it. Setting a pace, checking it constantly, and adjusting it very mathematically.
In contrast, I decided to do the first 100 ten reps per arm and adjust from there. I set an audible alarm for "times up," and only checked in on the time at the 100 rep mark (approximately the 1/2 way point). I didn't count sets, just counted reps and switched.
After doing some swings and slingshots to get loose and warm, I Hit the "start button" on my microwave (my stopwatch doesn't have an audible alarm) trotted over to the bell and got going. I cranked out the first 100 and glanced over at the clock more than 5 minutes to go. The pace is comfortable. I can get more out if I do more per arm. I start doing 20 per arm till I hit the next 100. I get through that with a little time to spare, I pick up the pace. My heart is pounding so hard that each time it contracts, my vision goes out of focus. I get another 16 done when the alarm beeps. I put down the bell, I towel myself off, and lay on the floor. Once my HR drops back down to "reasonable" I do some swings and figure 8s to cool down. It was a good test. I think I can do a few more. After that the wife and I went to the ballard fish ladder which is pretty cool, then out for sushi.

Saturday, I was still pretty fatigued when I got to the boathouse. I went for a row. I did some 30 stroke intervals, then did a few 500 meter pieces, and then some drills. I got off the water, stretched, changed and waited for the wife to come in. She came in and we went to breakfast.
After that we went back to the boathouse and went through some training theory and methodology with two women who were students of mine, and are students of the wife's. They were great. Very receptive, and enthusiastic. While they aren't terribly athletic, everybody starts somewhere. After a nap and a snack it was time for ME squats:
I was pretty fatigued to start, so I took it slow and easy on the squats:

(*got up off the box, lost my balance and found myself back where I'd started. There was a moment of consideration: I could just lean back, drop it on the rails, or I could suck it up and finish..I tightened back up the best I could and ground out the rep.)

5@ bw
5@ bw+15 kg
2x4@bw +20 kg

between the G-H sets I did sets of 5 OH squats with just the bar to work on my hip mobility. I am growing impatient with it.

Saturday night we went out to My in-laws for dinner (the wife's birthday was last week). Then stayed over and got up and did some fishing (humpy salmon) I haven't been fishing in almost a decade. I got one, but the run hasn't really started yet. It was fun to be out there. Hopefully we can get invited back. I took a nap on the ferry, and made some salmon avocado curry for supper.


Christine Petty said...

Congrats on the SSST! But I am still chuckling that you used your microwave as a timer.

ces said...

And you said you weren't any good at snatches.
Wow. Well done.

J. B. Zero said...

Thanks! I feel pretty good about it.
I wanted to make sure there was no mistake when it was time to stop. I didn't want to have any false alarms.
I'm really not, but I'm much better than I was.