Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ole number 7.

Mike Vick should have known. He was the premier player in America's premier professional sport, and he pissed it away. He's being sentenced in the deepest of the deep south, and by the sounds of things that southern white judge is going to bury him.
He had to know this was going to happen. He had to. He is from Newport "Bad" News, VA. He is black, he is a multi-millionaire and a he plays quarterback in the league. He had to know that if he got caught fighting dogs, no one on the left was going to defend him and the old south was going to do their worst. He did it any way. Now, his career is probably over (at least in the league) his sponsors are bailing on him. He had the stones to step forward and admit what he did, but the truth is, he shouldn't have done it in the first place.
Fighting dogs is wrong, it's brutal, and disgusting. I understand people who have no means, and no education doing it. It is a way to make a significant amount of money for people who have nothing, and know no different. When you have money, and some education, there is no excuse for participating in that type of bloodsport. I can't imagine what number 7 was thinking, because he had to know that if he got caught doing anything illegal he was going to get the "fullest extent of the law." What a waste.

DE squats:
I warmed up with 2 sets of overhead squats, with just the bar, and it really helped open up my hips. I'm going to keep this up.

5,4,4,3 each leg Zercher lunges.


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