Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quick like a bunny..

1) The father of Josh Hancock (the cardinals pitcher who died recently in a tragic drunk driving accident) is suing Mike Shannon's Restaurant. For folks who don't know Mike Shannon, he was a ballplayer for the Cardinals, and is currently a broadcaster for the Redbirds. For years he was the legendary Jack Buck's announcing partner. He is a truly beloved figure in Cardinal nation. This is not going to go over well with fans.

2) It seems manipulation of magazine covers isn't just for the ladies any more.
Apparently Men's Fitness slapped Andy Roddick's head on the body of a model. I can't verify it, but I certainly believe it. What a strange world we live in where a "world class athlete's" physique "doesn't appear athletic enough." Everyone needs to be jacked, even if it's counter indicated by their sport. I thought it was the height of absurdity when in 2004 they bulked Luke Skywalker up (see pictures) but this blows that out of the water.


Christine Petty said...

Airbrushing on your health magazine... welcome to my world. Next models will be getting pec and calf implants. That's freaking ridiculous... world class athlete, but not quite buff enough. Get the F*** outta here!

SJ said...

Luke is scaring me. I thought he was a skinny, whiny lil boy? The one I had when i was eight looked better.