Friday, April 27, 2007

Updateness!! aka Pimp my self.

weight: I am down from 216 to 207 after practice. (I weigh after practice to minimize hydration effect)
Height: still pretty short.

Strength/power: Bench is up. I was doing 185+bands for singles, now doing 205+bands for doubles. Squats are improving (better groove, finally have enough flexibility to squat deep with my feet flat..ish on the floor) Hang snatches are still a little weak (115) need to work on dynamic hip flexibility so I can get under the weight. I can pull 135 from hips to eyes, just can't get under it. Over head tire tosses are sailing a minimum of 5 big steps per toss (up from 3). Most everything is better here (if still a little sub-standard).

Endurance: I am up to 5 sled drags the entire length of the hill per session. I feel fitter in the boat, I haven't done much erging, so I don't know the numbers here. I have eight weeks till regionals, and I am going to switch focus for this period, work more on dynamic strength, and getting race fit.

Overall, I'm lighter, stronger, and a bit fitter. I can see my first two segments of my abs before the belt of marshmallow takes over. I'm making progress and progress is good.


AE said...

It sounds like you're doing some great work. Have I told you that Eric is teaching me to play tennis? He even says that I'm a natural (something about an innate feel for footwork)! I always have had a knack for dainty prancing. I'm not fast. I'm not strong. I do, however, gracefully flit and gesture with the best of them (hence my childhood fondness for balance beam).

J. B. Zero said...

You haven't, but I'm not surprised. I on the other hand am the single worst tennis player in the western world.

Christine Petty said...

Height: still pretty short.

Now that's not even right. :) I hear ya on the marshmallow takeover... I might steal that for a blog title.

J. B. Zero said...

When it was more substantial, I used to refer to it as my "championship belt." Championship of what, I'm not sure.