Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have straight, (mostly) white teeth. I get compliments on them from time to time, but my teeth have a secret..
they suck.
I had braces for years. Braces lead to fillings, and a mispent youth lead to chips and cracks, and at least one tooth that was knocked loose and is now a little discolored. I had one dentist tell me about a year ago that I have the teeth of someone twice my age. I'm 32.. My teeth damn near qualify for social security. It's going to take $700 worth of time in the chair (after my insurance) to drill out my old fillings to keep them from splitting my teeth. You see the old school fillings like I have are good for 10 years.
I've had mind for 20.
As time goes by the the filling expands and chips and cracks the tooth. We've been saving trying to build a bit of a nest egg, and my stupid fucking teeth are burning through all of it.
It's depressing.
Happy tuesday!

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Sj said...

Oh, I am sitting on a twenty-something filling myself. I'll deal with it when it falls out, which will probably be at the most inconvenient time possible. In the meantime I floss, floss, floss, and no one complements them. I blame red wine and general fuckery.