Monday, April 16, 2007

Something's just not right.

I'm feeling a little off.
Not quite myself. We have a news feed in here and the details of the Virginia Tech shootings have been scrolling across it, and I'm not flustered. I am disappointed, but not sickened, not shocked. I am not appalled. There is something wrong. Shootings in schools (High schools, universities, Middle schools.. whatever) are officially too common. 31 people died today. There’s a war on. A war that started on my birthday (Thanks Dubya) now every year my birthday is commemorated with rousing protests. I don’t mean to wax bucolic or anything, but perhaps we ARE too many rats kept in too small a cage. In Peru and Costa Rica.. the Andes and the Rain forest, in the Ozarks and the Cascades I feel different. Relaxed. Here today, not so much. Maybe it’s not a function of the space, but the place. In places with more information (and bad news) surrounding me I feel out of sorts, in isolation, I feel pretty good.. who knows. All I know is that I shouldn’t feel this casual about 31 kids getting shot down in their classroom, but then why is that worse than kids that same age getting blown up in Iraq? Is it? Isn’t it? Does it matter? Shades of horrible is still horrible.

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