Tuesday, April 21, 2015

40 random thoughts at 40.

Turned 40 this year. Here are 40 things I've learned.
1) For generalists movement trumps all other qualities: move, move well, move with intent, move with intensity (hr or lbs), move with intensity long enough to get tired
2)For specialist undo (rowers stand/squat/crawl, Jiu Jitsu athletes extend and stabilize, etc) then strengthen, then generalize.
3) Don't confuse more with better
4) Don't confuse sore with better
5) Don't confuse a great competitor with a great coach.
6) Look for coaches who consistently get marginal folks over the edge.
7) Don't confuse discomfort with improvement
8) Don't confuse hanging out on end range for stability
9) If you don't know where your meat comes from you don't need supplements you need to take a closer look at your diet.
10) Drink water.
11) Drink your coffee black.
12) Sleep in the dark, if you don't want to get blackout curtains wear a thinsulate stocking cap, pull it down over your eyes.
13) No one is impressed with your abs, and they're less impressed if you weigh less than 190 lbs.
14) Teeth Brain Knees and spine take care of them, if you do not you will suffer.
15) Don't pretend dislike shit you like.
16) Tastes change, so do people. Give second chances for trivial shit
17) Be nice until it's time to not be nice
18) Marry someone who makes you laugh
19) Learn the skills you wish your dad taught you, teach them to your kids
20) None of us are going uncharted territory, seek mentors
21) We were all mentored, find a student who can surpass you.
22) Learn to cook
23) Try cooking different things, fail spectacularly.
24) Whiskey neat, bourbon with water
25) If you're not sure you need it, save your money, buy it later.
26) Pick your own apples, berries, plant a garden.. At least once.
27) Don't be shy with the salt
28) Learn to fight or shoot, preferably both.
29) You probably don't need a gun, but if you want one keep it safe and practice.
30) Grilling ain't bbq
31) Listen to both sides even if you think you've already made up your mind
32) If two successful people disagree look for the similarities, that's where the fundamentals lie.
33) Avoid always and never.. life is exceptional.
34) Make an effort to be content.
35) Joy will show up if you look for it, sorrow will even if you don't, be content in between.
36) Taste your food before asking for the condiments, trust the cook.
37) Don't confuse fundamentals and basics. Basics display fundamentals, if you have good fundamentals basics are all you need.
38) Practice.
39) Games/sports are meant to be fun.
40) Do things to help people for no reason.

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