Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dead air.

Well friends, I have been a bad blogger.
I haven't written a damn thing in 5 weeks. I have to admit the whole knee thing took the wind out of my sails a bit. I couldn't do the things I normally write about.. and that was a major bummer.. which of course made me not want to write.
If I'm honest I was borderline depressed for some of that time. Not sleeping, over eating, irritable, unmotivated..just being a total schlump.
So here we are 5 weeks later. I have trained jiu jitsu 3x in the last week. I am pretty terribly out of shape, but the knee has held up thus far. I'm being cautious, but I'm cautiously optimistic that the damn thing just might hold up.
Similarly I had a run of several very heavy posts, and I just couldn't figure out how to come up with content to follow that. How do you follow a heavy several thousand word post on misogyny with my own navel gazing about being unable to train? Particularly how does one do so without sounding ridiculous? I couldn't.. but now with some time and a better attitude, I'm back at it.
I'm going to run a few MMA/UFC posts, get back in writing mode.. and hopefully things will keep on keepin' on.
Feel free to contact me with anything you'd like discussed.
Enjoy the sunshine.

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SICP white belt said...

Glad to hear that you are training and getting out of your funk. Nice to read your musings once more.

Did you/Were you able to do any S&C work during your BJJ layoff? I definitely go insane if I can't at least do that...

On my end the last few weeks have been the best my BJJ has felt. While I can't completely stop using strength, I am finally starting to be aware of positioning and weight distribution. Took me long enough (almost two years!). Gotta get my work capacity up though. The other day we did 4 5 minute rounds in a row and I was D E A D. The only thing that saved me was the second round was with a brand new guy, so I got some respite there.

As for discussions, I was curious to see what your thoughts were on sports conditioning, and particular bjj/judo/wrestling conditioning. I'm probably biased here, but I can see the effectiveness of lifting weights for strength and power development. Yet when it comes to conditioning, I always think: "shouldn't you just wrestle/grapple/whatever more?". I can see the benefits of doing something like sprints or hills to develop power, conditioning and mental fortitude; yet at the end of the day it feels like going hard in training can reap the same benefits. And if it is an injury prevention measure, seems like sprinting would not be the route to avoid wear and tear.