Monday, April 7, 2014

Reinjured and sick.

Popped my knee out again on Tuesday.
I don't have a plan just yet.
I'm going to lift and get in some real deal bullet-proof shape and see what's what from there. It was feeling really good and stable right up till it popped again. I think I just need to take some time off the mats. Which is what it FEELS like I've been doing, but I've been trying to game the system and she don't wanna play nice. So here we are.

Got sick as a dog this weekend. Three day weekend, down with the flu the entire time; I am straight up winning the internets this week.
The cold is on the wane, both kids had it all weekend. Which is super awesome because the only thing better than a pounding head full of mucus is a screaming toddler AND a pounding head full of mucus.. extra bonus points for a cranky 3 year old trying to drill you in the head with a lego sword because he is the hero and you are the bad guy.. I was the worst bad guy ever, too sick even to "Muhahahaha" properly. Mostly I just laid there and tried to protect my throbbing cranium.

 This video has nothing to do with nothing, I just like it.
Oh and I got some new ink a couple weeks ago.. that was pretty awesome actually.
I had set my sights on being out of the woods once the tattoo healed (seemed an appropriate timeline) Apparently my leg has other ideas.. maybe never. I don't know. I guess we'll see.


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