Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Babies make me sick.

Literally. My kids got me sick. The Cardinals are in the World Series (down 3-2 heading back to Boston no less) I couldn't watch fight night 30 and have been training sporadicly for the last week and a half. Bleh.
I perhaps by the end of the week I'll have something interesting to say, but right now.. not so much.



SICP white belt said...

I have been pondering this question and was wondering what you thought about it:

What is the role of strength versus power in bjj?

For a large majority of sports I can think of, power would seem to be way more important than absolute strength. Wrestling, MMA, judo, boxing, football, rugby, track and field, etc...You want to be strong, but power seems primordial, you need that explosion to make an impact. S&C programs definitely seem to be geared towards power and explosiveness.

But to my (white belt) eyes, bjj seems like a much more static/slow moving sport, and thus I was wondering if in BJJ absolute strength is at least as important, if not more than power. Being able to hold a position or a choke seems crucial, while exploding into something looks like a good way to get submitted.


J.B. said...

All grappling sports require a combination of static and dynamic strength. Some people's games are more one than another, but you still need to be able to pass (dynamic) or hold someone in side control (static). It is one of the reasons why grapplers present as such great athletes, in other sports you can hide weakness in one or the other. it's an interesting question though.