Thursday, September 5, 2013

TUF 18: quick thoughts.

As if the shenanigans between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate weren't enough to suck me in to this season of TUF (after I said I'd never go back).
Roxanne Modafferi is one of my favorite MMA fighters.. Period. No qualifiers.
She is a true fighter, any one, any time, for fun!
She got into martial arts because she wanted to be a power ranger.. no joke.
She is very open with her fans, goes out of her way to connect to them.
She is just straight up good people.
She recently moved back to the states to live and train full time (FINALLY)
I hope she does really well.

Shayna Baszler is another long time favorite. Total badass with a catch wrestling background. Odds on favorite to win the show.
If they could have somehow gotten Bec Hyatt involved there'd be no hope for me.

Was kind of sorry to see Tara LaRosa not even make the house. She's a tough vet. Just didn't have it.

There are actually some talented men on this season as well. I don't know what changes the UFC made, but after the last few season's terribleness, I might actually not wince at the poor quality of the grappling on this season. Good job Zuffa!

Speaking of grappling: I question Team Tate's decision to select a guy first over all who's idea of submission defense is "hoist and slam." It's not going to work against the better guys in the house. In a season that appears to be pretty grappling heavy, I'd avoid a guy with such a glaring weakness. (So of course he'll probably win the whole thing.. as always; all predictions wrong, or your money back!)


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