Monday, September 23, 2013

In which my brain is hijacked by the profane.

So, yeah.. there's gonna be some bad words.. fair warning.

It is Monday afternoon. The baby was up a bit last night and I am tired. I am in a meeting and doing my damnedest to pay attention, but I'm tired and my coffee ran out two hours ago. We're talking about network allocation and servers and other boring crap. My ducks are in a row so I sort of fade a little. Suddenly a big roadside billboard pops into my mind. It says "Dickweasel." I kind of shake it from my fore-brain. Wondering emphatically what the hell is a dickweasel? Do I know of such a thing? Is that even a pretend thing? Dickweasel? Brain, what the hell?
I must have made a face because the person running the meeting stops and says "You look like you have a question."
I chose not to reply "Yeah, what's a dickweasel?"

According to urban dictionary it's actually a thing. Well, not actually.. but it's a made up thing.
I am a surprised as you are.


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