Wednesday, June 13, 2012

531 catch-up.

Finished up 5/3/1 last week. I'm completely deloading form the gym this week. I'll do some sprints, or KB work. BJJ stuff remains the same. I am going to try this for a couple cycles (5/3/1/no weights) and see how it treats me.

week 2 (3,3,3)

press 100,115,130

dead 315, 360, 405

squat 140, 160, 180

fp 145, 170, 190

week 3 (5,3,1)

press 110, 120, 135

dead 335,380,425

squat 150, 170, 190

fp 155, 180, 200

My teeth still suck. They look fairly nice, straight, white. But I broke another one yesterday. Two hours, an emergency crown, and $250 later: my tooth is fixed. That was an expensive pistachio.

Last week sparred with one of the guys from the gym who is prepping for an MMA fight. 40 minutes of stand-up, situational sparring and "jits with hits."My boxing is pretty sad at this point. I'm chasing my punches, I need to sit down more and change angles with my feet. The guy I was fighting was faster than me, so I ate a lot of shots.. but it's a lot of fun. After that I was cooked. Exhausted.


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