Tuesday, May 29, 2012

back on the 531 train.

Sort of. I know.. if you change it it isn't the program. So kids do as I say not as I do. That said I'm changing the menu to add MORE vegetables (sh!t I need to do) and not more dessert.
  • no chins the first month. my elbows are killing me.
  • front squats (I can't externally rotate and adduct my shoulders without an ow)
  • to a box (mobility at the hips, I need more)
  • floor presses (member that whole shoulder ow thing)
  • prescribed reps only. get in, get it done, get out.
week 1.
Press 95, 110, 120 x5

cleans 5x3 at 135
dead 290, 335,380

jumps 5x3
squats 130, 150, 170

floor press 135, 155, 180
rows, gun show

It's all pretty lame, but I'm pretty beat up so I'm starting exceedingly light. Especially on the squats and presses.
So far, felt pretty good.


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