Friday, March 16, 2012

My training and some other stuff.

I have been a bad blog parent. I haven't fed this guy enough. I am crazy busy.. which is a bad excuse. So there will be more writing on here about my own training, and some content here and there.
So here we go.
My training of lately has been in the realm of suck. I haven't been at class as much because of family obligations, I have been lifting a lot, but I'm working on my squat and snatch technique and thus have been working technically and not moving heavy loads. That said, the quality of my jiu-jitsu has been really high. I have some great training partners, and lessons tend to stick better when I'm training less.
In the weight room I have been moving less weight, but with a purpose. I am focused on moving that weight cleaner and tighter. To this end I am doing a crap ton of volume in the snatch and clean. Stolen from Dan John (borrowed from Dan Gable) "If it is important do it every day."
So 5-6 days a week I am going to do 3-8 sets of 3 snatches (power)/3 cleans (hang, power)/3 presses at 95 lbs. This is a super light weight but I'm focusing on technique and adding volume. I'm doing this either as part of a warm-up or as a finisher.
I'm also going to work on getting my body into a good squat position as often as possible. Either with boot-strapper squats, or just by getting down in the hole with a band unloading the position a few times per day.
My goal here is to do the big 21 program by the end of the year, but my technique just isn't good enough.

Otherwise things are fairly stable:
Monday: bjj or conditioning
Tuesday: cleans, presses, pull-ups
Wednesday: bjj
Thursday: Jumps, front squats to a box or deadlifts.
Friday: dips/chins, horizontal presses of some sort, horizontal pulls, torso work.
Saturday: bjj
Sunday: off or make up missed workout.

We will see how this works.

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