Monday, February 6, 2012

Is this what a man looks like?

Yesterday I was watching football, and THIS commercial came on. It's a 30 second spot of David Beckham in his undies. I kept thinking all I see is weakness, vanity, and posturing. All of the worst characteristics of humanity. It is nothing to admire. I used to feel differently, now I'm matter of fact.
I have gray hairs.
I have scars.
Some of my bones have been broken.
My body has hair on it.
Some of my joints hurt.
I have muscle.
I am powerful.
I am destructible.
I am not a work of art.
I am loved and hated.
I get sick, I get better.
I have not been photoshopped.
I am alive and someday will die.
It is me. We are indistinguishable.
I am ok with all of that because my body does things.
The things I can do are the measure of my value, and a body that looks like it has never done anything has no value.


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