Friday, January 13, 2012

More meat.

I bought 150lbs of meat (that is hanging weight, so the actual is slightly less). It's still a lot (see the picture.. the gallon of anti-freeze gives you an idea of scale)
The total cost (including delivery/pick-up at a park-n-ride near my house) was around $600. It came to about $4.50/lb by the time it was all said and done. Which is an excellent value. Out here grass fed ground is $5.99-6.99/lb. The package included both ground, and scrap cuts ("cube steak" and "stew meat") but also roasts, and luxury cuts (which can go for upwards of $20/lb). I've only eaten the ground beef so far, but it's great! I will let you know if the rest is not of equal quality.
I bought it from a farm in central Washington. It's everything food should be: local, no hormones, no antibiotics, no middlemen. From the pasture, to the butcher, to me. This type of commerce can save small farms and small farming practices. If you are going to eat beef, investigate this type of meat procurement.


Syd said...

Hey JB, how funny, my roommate and I were just talking about getting one of their smaller packages as we don't have a freezer with space for that much meat. Good to hear it's worth it!

J. B. said...

Syd, welcome to the blog.
It's totally worth it, but it's also a holy hell of a lot of meat. make sure you have the space.