Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Could be the last year of humanity.. probably not.
I will refrain from posting the "That'll freak somebody out some day" cartoon that seems to be de rigueur for all the most fashion forward blogs this year.. I have never been accused of being fashionable. Hell, I don't even make Resolutions for the new year. I don't need to: I make changes all the time.
I don't hesitate. When I see a weakness, or a deficiency, I make a change. Right then and there. Who needs to throw out a calendar in order to make changes?
Changes are far more pragmatic than resolutions. A change becomes part of me. When I resolve to do something.. that's far more malleable. Your resolve waxes and wanes. You are constant. If you change, then you are changed. There is no discussion. It already has. Conversely changes allow you to try different methods to go after your goals. When people make resolutions they tend to get stuck on one path, and feel it has to completely come of the rails before they can change the route. Successful people are more nimble, it may take several successive changes to get me to where I want to go, conversely I may get there in a few weeks, then what? Take the rest of the year off? Hell no, I have more stuff to do.
My life is a giant science experiment. I'm constantly tinkering with the amounts and methods of recovery, training, food, education and entertainment that are a part of my life. Within that I have to provide for, and spend time with my family and get some time to myself. I am never at 100%. I'm not a specialist I have considerable conflicting interests, so sometimes I don't go very far but that's what makes life fun.
Have fun this year, go after what you want.

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