Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis' the season..

To be running around like a left-handed chicken with it's head cut off.. why left handed? WHY NOT!
Lots of stuff coming up:
I'll be reviewing Cressey/Robertson/Hartman's Assess and Correct DVDs.
Also review's of Dan John's San Juan Diego DVD set.
Both of these are heady, and are not something I feel comfortable cranking out a review of.. so please be patient.
My training is going well. In early November I decided to look at the purpose of my training, and I decided that my focus was too far on the maximal strength end of the spectrum. In short, I'm already one of the strongest grapplers on the mats. I am stronger than everyone <200 lbs by a large margin.. I am training like a lifter to grapple, time to lift like a grappler. So I decided to condition a bit more, and focus on fixing my issue rather than working around them as much. It's been good. I'm leaner, moving well on the mats, and my top end strength is about the same. I pulled 475 yesterday after a long build up. While it wasn't easy, it was never in doubt (that was after rolling hard on Wednesday).
This is what my weeks look like:
Monday: BJJ, corrective exercise for hip internal rotation, dorsiflexion, hip stability.
Tuesday: snatches/cleans/jerks, presses, pull-ups. CE: shoulder internal rotation, hip internal rotation, dorsiflexion.
Wednesday: Hill sprints, BJJ maybe.. sometimes BJJ on Thursday nights. No CE, light general stretching before bed.
Thursday: deadlifts, RFE split squats. same CE as monday.
Friday: kb clean and jerk/pull-up/dip complex, some sort of horizontal press, some sort of row (2x the volume of the press), a little direct arm work to keep my elbows from hurting. No CE.
Saturday: BJJ, no CE.
Sunday: hill sprints or off.

hill sprints are either 2/3 of a block of very steep hill x6-8 or an entire city block that is steep for 3-4. Sometimes on the way to Wednesday or Thursday BJJ I'll stop and run the hill a few times.

The short version (knock wood) is I feel good.. but I could feel better.

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