Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Be strong, Be Gentile, Be beautiful.

Amazing story here.
Not just because the Kodokan finally realized this woman's merit, but because of the pure passion and joy this woman has for judo.
This is the true secret to mastery. Monday a friend of mine got his black belt in BJJ. I have seen several people get promoted by now (this being the 4th person I've seen get his Black) and they all reminisce about the journey, then it's sort of business as usual after that. Why is that? Especially when you see people get their blue belt and damn near jump up and down like they've won the lottery.
Well, because it's the roll, not the belt that matters. It's the learning, not the grade. This is not to say that you should not be honored to be recognized as having reached another level. It is an honor, but it should never be the goal..
It is well outside of your control, and (at least in BJJ) has no quantifiable marker of success. What you can control is your enjoyment, and your pursuit of complete mastery. It will come when you are good enough, so get good.


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