Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In which I hand in my man card..

Hear me out. The wife and I try to balance our T.V. schedule so that neither of us has to suffer too much during our (fairly limited) T.V. time. One of the shows that she likes is the new 90210. Being a good husband, I read, write to you folks, or surf the internet while it's on and I do end up catching bits of the dialog. One of the characters had a throw-away line last week:
"You think my chest is getting too big?"
That was from one male character to another.
Completely through me for a loop.
Seriously? What high school male has ever said that?
Are the people who produce that show unhappy with the idea that they can only cause body image issues in their female viewers, and are now trying to get all the collateral damage they can?
Here's the part where I turn in my man card:
There is no way that character would have that sentiment. He's by the standards of the show the poor kid. I remember being that age, and killing myself in the gym for every ounce of muscle mass I could get. Muscle mass, and athletic ability are outward displays of power that cannot be bought. "The poor kid" in that group should be trying to get as big and strong as possible (especially since he's the token jock in the group).
High school males from Kansas do not worry that their chest is too big, they may have insecurities, but its always about appearing weak.
It makes me wonder are they out of touch, or am I?
Maybe it has gotten this bad.
I certainly hope not.

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