Monday, January 17, 2011

Interesting times.

Greetings true believers! It is I your humble author, back from the mostly dead as it were.
I am sorry about the lack of output. Things at work, training clients, the baby, selling my condo, working on the new house and the genuinely awful goings on in Arizona have stifled my creative juices.
I am still on the same lifting schedule.
I am still dropping weight, all be it more slowly.
I have been teaching the no-gi classes on Saturdays at the academy.
My cup runneth over all with good things, but we all only have so much bandwidth, and our brains and bodies cannot differentiate between stressors, so training stress, working stress, baby stress, diet stress and writing stress all come out of the same bucket.
Have no fear, I will be forthcoming with something.. it may be more of this drivel, but I will be back to writing at least every few days.
Until then:


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