Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleep, and Kool-aid.

I've been in training all week drinking the Microsoft Kool-aid, and the grizzly has reached a fun little milestone called the "4 month sleep regression" which is doctory b.s. for:
He stops sleeping.. and so do you! how fun!
So tired.
Last night was better.

Training updates.. good grief it's been almost two weeks:
on Friday the 3rd I did deadlift clusters:
315x5(rest 10 sec)x3(same)x2
This was good, got some volume in without risking the possible complications of deadlifting the day after a bout of stomach upset.
BJJ I taught the no-gi class (the Professor is out of town). Taught the spiral ride which is very effective for BJJ. Good control, good movement, and the ability to open space to get the hooks in.
Sunday: off
Lots of single leg work. Ton of lunges, step-ups, and split squats. High volume.
Off drove to Portland for work.
Lots of front squats, light.
Clean and presses 5/5 at 26, 5/5 at 35, 5/5 at 62 x3
BJJ once again I taught no-gi. Front headlock (see Matt Hughes v. Ricardo Almeda) and escape.
Sunday off.
My training has been garbage this week. I can't train at work because I'm not there. I haven't gone to bjj because of some commitments the wife had. So this week has been a wash.
I've trained once (mostly just mobility work and some high rep posterior chain stuff: rows, chins, hip thrusts, kb swings) I'll go to bjj tonight, lift tomorrow (similar stuff) and go to class again on Saturday.

This song makes me laugh:


Christine said...

Aww, sorry you're tired. :(

Love the Cee Lo Green song, cracks me up. (now ain't that some sh*t).

J. B. said...

it's getting better.. but I'm still pretty raggity.