Friday, August 6, 2010

Everybody wants to be the best,

but don't nobody want to lift no heavy @ss weight.
-Ronnie Coleman

Monday I didn't train, I bought some second hand weights from cragislist.. they're in great condition.
and an Ivanko bar (with crappy knurling, but wtf)
for $335
Got the airdyne and the 62 lb KB moved in.
Will hang the the heavy bag this weekend and probably the chin-up bar.
Things are starting to shape up in my little garage.

I just decided to do a bunch of snatches.
I just used 95 lbs (super light) and worked technique. Things are much better with my second pull, I'm getting down below the bar very quickly, the problem is I'm not getting UNDER the bar. I'm missing out in front, missing behind.. flat out missing.
Keep working kid.

Did some complexes after:
clean-front squat-press-good morning-row 5 reps each at 95
chinsx5-walking lungesx20-reverse extensionsx10

BJJ. Just went in and rolled to shake some of the rust off. It'd been a week since I have been at class.

Thursday: big day.
It keeps cropping up everywhere that many people with sciatica get relief by doing SMR on the piriformis. I keep thinking:
"hey, I should try that."
Then I do my normal warm-up.. mostly because I am an idiot.
This time I did it. I got out the baseball (yes it f-ing hurt..) and smushed my piriformis into submission. Suddenly my back didn't hurt.. more than that it actually felt GOOD. Holy Hell.. that's awesome.. why have I not been doing this for months? Oh, right.. that whole idiot thing.
Needless to say, I will be doing this more.

315x5 good fast easy
365x3 no problem how high am I going today? My back feels awesome, I'm fairly well rested.. maybe I should try and get the 500 lb monkey off my back.. Don't be stupid.. ok if 455 is fast I'll go for it, if not I'll take it easy.
405x2 good clean lifts. Using my abs better today. Man my back feels awesome.
455x1 smoke show.. never gone up this fast. Screw it! we're going for it.
505x0 grinder.. grinder off the floor, grinder up the shin, grinder to the knee.. still grinding.. still grinding.. lost my air, lost my arch, missed the lift.
I've never missed a deadlift at lockout. Normally if it comes off the floor it goes for a ride.
It's in the mail though. I am >< this close.
5x chins
5x ohp at 135

Happy Anniversary to the wife!
5 years ago today.



Code name: 1% said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, 5 years since I missed your wedding ;)

Christine said...

I missed a few out front last night. I'm told that means I'm not finishing strong at the top. Supposed to shrug up and pull the bar apart.

J. B. said...

Doc, it's been so very fast.

Christine, I am an equal opportunity lifter, I miss out front, behind.. I'm sure someday I'll figure out how to miss off to the side.