Thursday, June 10, 2010

The truth about HIIT.

I was driving to the track to do yesterday afternoon's workout. I started to get that little 'nervey' feeling in my stomach. I realized something; the real truth about HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training)and it's going to be difficult for some folks to internalize.
The truth is that most people don't work hard enough to qualify. Your interval workout should be so hard that you get butterflies on your way to the gym. You should feel apprehensive before you start. You should get about 60% of the way and want to start bargaining out of the last 20% (don't do it, but you should want to). I'm not saying you have to throw-up every time, and you should set yourself up to be able to get to the rest periods, but it should hurt.. a lot.
Take a look at yourself, if you're casually going to the gym and busting out your 'intervals' and leaving the gym with a spring in your step either you're a stone cold killer, or you're not working hard enough.
If you get to the gym/track/whatever with a little tingle in your belly, if you have to give yourself an "ok, let's do this" before you start, if you have to convince yourself "I'll quit after the next one, but not yet." and do that for 4 intervals till you finish your prescribed workout, then you're doing HIIT.
I have heard a lot of folks in the 'HIIT doesn't work camp' but I have a hard time believing them. I always wonder if they really are getting there, into the deep water. So look at yourself, look at your training, and work a little harder.

deads: 4x2 at 405 building back up.
presses: 3x5 at 135
Abs: some

Day: BJJ basic mount escapes. 1 hard roll.
Night: 1 mile of walk the curves, build to the 50m, sprint 50-75, decelerate to the 100.
the last time I did this I was sore for 4 days.. this time just a little sore.

cleans: lots, various light weights working on technique.
chins: some
ab wheel: 3x some. Have to watch my back on these tendency is to cheat and hyper-flex the lumbar spine, which is less than ideal.


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