Thursday, May 6, 2010

Your loads.. drop them.

I had intended to hold off on deloading till the kid came, but the kid is holding off (so far) and my body is starting to complain.. so I'm deloading.
Last Friday:
90 seconds each:
sandbag pickup-carry 10 ft-putdown
prowler at 2 plates and a 25 per side
kb swings at 62

equal rest

Open mat, more guard work.. getting better.. feeling better. I need to accept that coming to a neutral/attacking position from guard is still a win. Submitting is best, sweeping is good, but coming to neutral and wrestling my way to top position is just as good as a sweep. In my head I kept thinking of it as "bailing out" and it felt like a loss.. still working my way through all of that.
Someone told me "You're a big guy, but you're also really squirrely." I'm pretty sure it was a compliment.
No afternoon workout.

Short day at class. Went through technique, and my phone rang.. I thought it was my phone.. I checked the last call and it was the wife.. must be time.. turned out to be a false alarm but I didn't find out till I got home.

Tuesday: really the only hard workout for the week. Worked my way up to 1 clean 3 front squats at 205. Clean was ugly. The weight is still staying out in front of me. Squats felt good, I need to bring up my abs as they're starting to be a weak point.
bench: 135 x 20 x10 nice an light.
chins: 1 walk over to the other chin station do 1 walk back... x 5 minutes.
curls for the girls: yup.. I went there.

Wednesday: no day class got caught at work. Night class: simple hip toss (for which my foot work was bad), hip bump sweep (which I like, but I'm just not smooth at), and more guard work. Couple good rolls, then ran out of dance partners.

Today I'm going to take off.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a light workout (a few swings and some light front squats). Hopefully if my wife doesn't go into labor, I'm going to the Renzo Gracie Seminar. (Fingers crossed).
So probably no updates till Monday.

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