Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Catching up on some training logging as I am well behind.
Cleans and front squats: worked up to 185 did a few sets of 1 clean and 5 squats. I'm feeling better about my ability to squat and move some weight.
Ostrich rows (lean you head on a preacher curl with dumbbells in hand and with hands facing each other and straight arms bring dumbbells from in front of you to beside you)
some at 30 lb dumbbells.
several sets of bw

Friday fun:
we got some new toys. Michelle and Chad were kind enough to donate some rubber mulch to our little toy box. So now we have a 60 lb "mulch bag." Really this is the best material for making a sand bag period.

first bit partner work:
a) sand bag clean and press x10
b) airdyne till your partner is finished.
rest while the other group goes.

Second bit:
person a: sandbag complex: clean, front squat, ohp, good morning, row 5 reps each rest the remainder of the 3 minutes.
persons b/c/d: 30 sec on 60 off of the airdyne x2
The second part was hard, but the first bit was horrible. We will revisit.

Class in the morning. Some guard pass stuff. Then open mat. I'm feeling better about some parts of my game. still feeling a little weak in others.
In the afternoon: 2x 5 minutes on the airdyne with some swings and snatches with the 62. It's a whole different experience with the big kb.

Monday: Did some man-makers with a client. 4 sets at 35 lb dumbbells then she complained that I was moving too fast so I did the last set with 55s. Made things interesting for sure.

Jiu-jitsu: did some back control from standing, and a couple of chokes. I rolled twice. My hip started hurting in the middle of the first roll. Second roll was good, and bad. It was good in that I had success, it was bad in that I had success because I kept the roll in positions where I knew I would be successful.. so that, in and of itself, is a failure.. I think.
It's hard to say. I want to be complete. To have a dangerous game everywhere, but does that mean that if I can control the transitions against an opponent who is at or above my level should I work the strong points of my game against a strong opponent, and weak points against weaker ones? Or simply work on the weak points at all times?
Something I'll have to think about.

Today my hip still hurts.. nothing I can't train through, but it is cranky.

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