Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday morning..

I don't really know if that last post makes any sense to anyone. That article got me thinking and that sort of snowballed into a bunch of stuff I've been thinking about. I'm so frazzled with work and the kid coming.. sometime.. that it didn't get much editing.

Training updates:
front squats: worked up to 3 at 225 (no clean this time) felt good to actually squat something heavy(ish) although my hip has been killing me for a couple days since.
Bottoms-up press: did several with the 26 and 44 lb bells. Inspired by this.
bodyweight rows: bunch. Feet elevated, various grips.
chins: some

Day class: arm-bars from knee on belly, and posed the question to the Professor:

If I have a weakness should I seek out that weakness all the time, or just work on it with lower belts until it gets stronger then elevate it. With the clarification that my fear is not getting "beat" on the mat, but that I won't actually have enough control to keep the roll in that position. His response was the very logical "if it is a weakness, you need to work on it all the time." Which does make sense. I put it into practice some and more and more.

night class: good no-gi roll with Paul. Talked some wrestling with the Professor, and more guard work.
Master Renzo is conducting a seminar here in Seattle. It was supposed to be on the 15th which gave a thin margin for the birth of the kid, then it got moved to the 22nd which gave a nice 2 week cushion.. then to next weekend which whittles that margin down to a couple of days. Hopefully the grizzly bear is born sometime this weekend so that I can go. If not, I won't complain, somethings are more important.
assim é vida!

kept it light. I was feeling pretty beat-up. so 3x5 minutes on the airdyne, and went to the bookstore with the little woman.

Today: Friday fun.. prowler, sandbag, airdyne.. medium intervals.. haven't figure out exactly what it's going to look like, but that's the idea.


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